Business Directories for Backlinks

May 16, 2017General

Here is an updated list of business directories that your business can submit too to gain backlinks and web traffic. Let us add one little caveat, listing directories are not dead. They are however less relevant in today’s Google Panda and Penguin world. They should still be a part of your link building and search … Read More

How to find Affordable Expired Domains

April 17, 2017Search Engine Optimization

Expired domains are domains that the owner has let expire, has forgotten about or no longer wants. Every day there are people in the SEO community that make a living in the expiring domain auctions. That’s a whole other topic. Today we’re going to focus on finding expired domains for the lowest possible cost and … Read More

Quick Intro to Link Building

April 16, 2017Search Engine Optimization

Backlinks to your website are like internet currency. Google and other search engines heavily consider those links when determining the domain (DA) and page authority (PA). A general rule of thumb. If two sites have similar content the one that has higher quality backlinks will rank higher. A link building strategy should be the cornerstone … Read More

To Blog or Not to Blog: Why your site needs blog content

April 16, 2017Content

If you’re not blogging, you are missing out. If your SEO partner is not recommending it, it’s time to find a new partner. Blog content about your industry or interests establishes you as an expert. In this article we’ll take a look at what to include in a blog, it effects in SEO and some … Read More

SEO Partners: What to look for when selecting one

April 14, 2017Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has become not one of, but THE most important thing any brand or small business can invest in when it comes to online marketing. Consumers prefer non-human forms of communication to get the answers they need about a business or the services that they want to provide. Sad? Yes. But also a … Read More