Here is an updated list of business directories that your business can submit too to gain backlinks and web traffic.

Let us add one little caveat, listing directories are not dead. They are however less relevant in today’s Google Panda and Penguin world. They should still be a part of your link building and search engine optimization strategy.


Business Directories List


Pros and Cons of Business Directories

Directories are a really great way to improve the referring domains to your website. Even with today’s algorithm changes. They aren’t going to drive a significant amount of traffic but they will help.

You want to target high-quality business directories that are not spammy and that have high authority themselves. Every directory on the list above has a domain authority above 17, and trust flow/citation flow above 20.

Another great practice is submitting your business to niche directories, not just the general ones with minimal hierarchy.

On the flip side, the cons of business directories include the fact that they cost money. They don’t carry the level of relevance as they used to 5 years ago. And there are so many that the market has become saturated.

That is one of the reasons that we created the above list. To help identify some quality blogs you can submit too.


What about the future?

Search algorithms are moving in a direction that favors content and social media. While I don’t think it’ll ever render business directories current usage as referral domains useless, I believe it’ll bring the cost down significantly.

Back in 2010 marketers and business owners were paying $20, $30, sometimes a $100 for quality business directories.

Today that has widdled down to $5, $10 and at the higher end $20. Eventually, that’ll go down even more. Find directories you trust, that are affordable, and that have high authority.